Challenge yourself at a 123 NM solo race in the Swedish Archipelago during the magic midsummer light


For the moment the situation is still very unclear for us. Nobody knows what will happen with the spread of the covid-virus and even more uncertain the days after that.
It is still three months away until we run the Midsummer Solo Challenge so we are hoping for the best, but we must plan for the worst possible scenario. So far our intention is to do the regatta as planned, but we will follow all the recommendations the authorities will give us. Sitting in a boat out on Marstrand fiord implies minimum risk, but all social/logistic activities does contain risks, and if not handled correct there is an increased risk of spreading Covid. We are currently discussing if it is a possible scenario to run the regatta without social activities as a minimum alternativ. But as you can understand in these uncertain times we are still very unsure how to go on and we follow all available information as much as we can to make a good decision. If we do decide to cancel the whole regatta all entry fees will be fully refunded to you.


This is the third edition of the Midsummer Solo Challenge. It’s something out of the ordinary for those who want to sail 120+ nm solo in one of the worlds most beautiful (and challenging) archipelagoes.

This at a time of year when the nights are warm and the sun barely sets (the photo above is from just before midnight).


Come with any boat you want. No ratings. No difficult rules. You just have to know how long it is. And have some basic safety equipment.

Register here.

Show up. Your fellow skippers will help you when you get to Marstrand.

Meet all the other skippers at dinner Thursday evening. It’s included. We’ll go through the starts and anything else you need to know.

Get some sleep.

Enjoy the challenge.

Finish before 12.00 Sunday. Get your finisher polo. Grab a beer. Share stories with your fellow skippers.


June 11th, Thursday afternoon, launch, get-together in Marstrand, dinner

June 12th, Friday, starts during the day (small boats first)

June 13th, Saturday, finishes during the day, party

June 14th, Sunday, wrap-up


The course is around 123 nm. Just four marks, all port roundings.  Couldn't be easier.