Challenge yourself at a 123 NM solo race in the Swedish Archipelago during the magic midsummer light

***CORONA UPDATE 2020-05-13***

Covid-19 is still causing problems for the world, but we at Marstrand Sailing Association plan to run the Midsummer Solo Challenge. Due to the circumstances we will run it with the recommendation from the Swedish Sailing Association and Swedish Public health authority.


Since there is a travel restriction within Sweden, only boats from the sailing clubs on the Swedish westcoast are allowed to participate.

As much as possible, you as a participant shall avoid spreading the virus. Don't moore in Marstrand harbour before the start unless you have to, if it makes sense for you then please sail directly from your own club to the start. Once you have crossed the finish line then moore in Marstrand if you feel exhausted, but if you feel fresh then please sail directly to your home club if you can do so in a safe manner. Let's stay social with each other online instead, on the Midsummer Solo Challenge Facebook page.

We will not have any social activities before or after the race.

All communication will be held in a digital form.

To avoid putting any extra strain on the Swedish rescue system we will not start the race if we see that medium wind will exceed 10m/s from the start and 36 hours after that.


All sailors that can’t participate will have the starting fee refunded. Please e-mail us at and we will see to that your payment will be returned.

For all you others that will participate, if you want we will also refund 250SEK for the dinner and social activities, but we would be happy if you could spare this money and let us at MSS use it for our kids activities and sailing school that we still plan to run in these critical times.


As you can understand this is a hard decision for us to make, but this virus is out of our control and we have to follow the regulations that are put on us. We hope that we will see you all at the Midsummer Solo Challenge in 2021!


Looking forward to see you “west coast boats” on the water a month from now!


Marcus Blomberg

Commodore MSS


This is the third edition of the Midsummer Solo Challenge. It’s something out of the ordinary for those who want to sail 120+ nm solo in one of the worlds most beautiful (and challenging) archipelagoes.

This at a time of year when the nights are warm and the sun barely sets (the photo above is from just before midnight).


Come with any boat you want. No ratings. No difficult rules. You just have to know how long it is. And have some basic safety equipment.

Register here.

Show up. Your fellow skippers will help you when you get to Marstrand.

Meet all the other skippers at dinner Thursday evening. It’s included. We’ll go through the starts and anything else you need to know.

Get some sleep.

Enjoy the challenge.

Finish before 12.00 Sunday. Get your finisher polo. Grab a beer. Share stories with your fellow skippers.


June 11th, Thursday afternoon, launch, get-together in Marstrand, dinner

June 12th, Friday, starts during the day (small boats first)

June 13th, Saturday, finishes during the day, party

June 14th, Sunday, wrap-up


The course is around 123 nm. Just four marks, all port roundings.  Couldn't be easier.